Frederickson Emergency Tarping

A tiled roof is rained on during a storm

The last thing you want to hear during a Puget Sound rainstorm is that dreaded, repetitive drip—it’s the unmistakable sign of a roof leak. If this does happen to you, what’s your first move?

Acting fast and calling a roofing pro who can help. 

Frederickson emergency tarping is a must for progressively worsening roof leaks. While they’re not a permanent solution, tarps can temporarily stop leaks so that you can slow down and think through your next steps—without worrying about a worsening leak. 

When you need Frederickson roof tarping services, turn to Dependable Roofing. We’ve been in your shoes before and can deploy an emergency tarp at lightning speeds.

Frederickson Roof Tarping Services: Stopping Leaks is Step 1

While “panic” might seem like a reasonable step one, getting a tarp over your leak is the most important action you can take right now. As the wind continues to whip and water continues to drip, you need to seal your roof against further water intrusion ASAP.

Thinking of knocking this out yourself? This isn’t a task for the uninitiated. Why?

  1. You need safety equipment – Professional roofers depend on both safety equipment (like harnesses) and their extensive safety training. Plus, falls are even more likely during storms.
  2. You need a high-quality fix – Even though it’s a temporary solution, a tarp needs to be tightly affixed, impervious to wind, and watertight for the time being. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time, and your roof could be exposed to even more water.

Professionals have the chops to safely and effectively install emergency tarps.

Call Dependable Roofing Now

If drips are overtaking your internal monologue, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Dependable Roofing is a Frederickson emergency tarping provider you can count on—we’ve been helping homeowners tackle unexpected leaks (and all of their other roofing projects) for thirty-plus years. 

When you need Frederickson roof tarping services, call the most trusted company in the neighborhood. Reach out to Dependable Roofing now.

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