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A roofer screws hardware into a metal roofing panel

You’ve been dreading this: your metal roof panels are rusted beyond recognition, you’re running out of bowls to catch leaks, and your neighbors are starting to drop hints that your roof is an eyesore.

What now?

It’s time to turn to the professionals at Dependable Roofing: the most trusted Frederickson re-roofing company in the neighborhood.

If you’ve been wringing your hands during storms and waking up in a cold sweat over your roof’s condition (or is that just another leak?), it’s time to ditch stress for good—when you choose Dependable Roofing, you get quality craftsmanship and peace of mind.

Re-Roofing: Trust the Pros at Dependable Roofing

While gutter cleaning, holiday lights, and fascia paint touch-ups are all relatively DIY-friendly home maintenance projects, re-roofing is a whole different ball game.

Re-roofing is a multi-stage project. If you go it alone, you’ll have to navigate:

  • Roof tear-offHow, exactly, do roofs come off? Very carefully. Experts have what it takes to tackle tear-off with safety and a whole-system mentality.
  • Material disposal – Can you put your rusted metal panels or shredded shingles in your household garbage can? Will the nearest dump take them? Can you recycle anything? Professional roofers can answer all of these questions and more—more importantly, they can handle it for you.
  • Product selection – Which will hold up best to the PNW snowstorms: shake shingles, metal, or asphalt shingles? Do roofs require specific screws? Will this color still look good in five years? Experts have seen hundreds of roofs go up and come down, and they can offer the advice you need when it’s time to choose products.
  • Permitting – Trustworthy Frederickson re-roofing companies can help you jump through hoops and slash red tape. Permitting with a licensed contractor is much easier than DIY.
  • Installation – Perhaps the most important step of all is installation: fitting the puzzle pieces together to form a watertight barrier between your home and the elements. This takes training and expertise—and the Dependable Roofing team has no shortage of both.

When you need a roofing pro who can tackle every step of your project with ease and finesse, turn to Dependable Roofing.

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