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It’s another day in the PNW—to your shock and awe, rain and mist are in the forecast. 

While this neck of the woods offers truly beautiful landscapes (not in spite of, but because of, our unique weather patterns), the state of nearly constant wet can be hard on our homes. Maintaining a roof in the Puget Sound climate can be a tall order.

Unless you’ve opted for Frederickson roof treatments: formulas that can protect your roof materials and extend their life. 

Dependable Roofing is the Frederickson roof treatment company you can trust to deliver the results you’re looking for. We’re the most trusted roofer in the neighborhood. And, as locals ourselves, we know just how much easier home maintenance can be with the help of a few simple treatments.

Treatments for Frederickson Roofing

When it comes to roof treatments, what are your options? Consider:

  • Rust prevention – If you have an all-metal roof or some of your flashing is exposed (either by design or because of wear and tear), rust prevention is a must for your home in Frederickson. Rust is a precursor to leaks: rust can damage metal and open the floodgates for water intrusion.
  • Moss prevention – Moss is one of the most prolific plants and thrives under moody skies. But moss (like rust) can jeopardize your roof components and eventually increase your leak risk. Preventative treatments can keep moss growth at bay.
  • Sealant replacement – While our roofs are watertight after installation, seals, and compounds that protect our roofs from the weather degrade over time. Consider replacing consumable seals or using today’s advanced water-repellent treatments.

Dependable Roofing: Trust Our Expertise

When you need a Frederickson roof treatment company with experience, integrity, and local know-how, there’s only one option: Dependable Roofing. 

With over thirty years of experience in the local roofing market, we know which treatments can improve your quality of life and hold their value over time. What is the first step to getting a roof treatment? Requesting a free estimate. 

Reach out to Dependable Roofing to get started.

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