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How hard can Frederickson tear off projects be?

Without the proper skills, equipment, and training, tear off projects aren’t just difficult—they can be dangerous to you and put your home at risk. While they’re just the first step in a multi-stage re-roofing process, tear offs are somewhat complex.

Turn to Dependable Roofing when it’s time to start your tear off: we’re the most trusted Frederickson roofing company. Plus, we’re giving you the inside scoop on all things tear offs below.

New Roof Projects Start with a Tear Off

Tear offs aren’t simple. Your roofing contractor can help you navigate all of the steps of the process, including:

  • Scheduling work – In the PNW—the headquarters of fickle, wet weather—scheduling roofing projects can be challenging. But you can count on a roofing contractor to communicate about the project timeline and make a schedule that will keep your home safe from the elements.
  • Disposing of waste – What happens to your old roofing materials after removal? Unfortunately, you usually can’t just dump these into your household garbage can. A professional roofer can help you dispose of (or even recycle) your old roofing materials responsibly.
  • Replacement prep – Once your tear off is complete, there’s still much work to be done—like preparing your roof for new materials. Tear off experts lay the groundwork for successful roofing projects and set the standard for the rest of the process.

Dependable Roofing: Local Frederickson Roofing Contractors

When you need a Frederickson roofing contractor you can trust with your tear off project, it’s time to call Dependable Roofing. Simply put, we’re the best in the business—the proof is in our customer reviews

Since we’ve been working in Frederickson for thirty-plus years, we have the chops to safely and efficiently demolish your roof without jeopardizing your home (or your safety) in the process. Plus, we offer re-roofing services so you can rely on our expertise for multiple project stages.

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