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Rain on a tile roof

It’s a typical Western Washington rainstorm: the wind is picking up, and raindrops are pounding against the windows. Then, suddenly, you can make out the unmistakable drip, drip, drip of a roof leak somewhere in your home.

You must act fast, especially if you have less of a slight roof leak and more of an indoor deluge. This is a job for McMillin emergency tarping.

While it’s not a permanent solution, McMillin roof tarping services can be the difference between slowly worsening water damage and lightning-fast roof destruction at the hands of a rain or snow storm. Since we’re no strangers to this severe weather in Puget Sound, you need an emergency roof tarper on speed dial.

That emergency roof tarping expert? Dependable Roofing—a trusted roofer in McMillin for generations.

McMillin Roof Tarping Services: Stop the Leak Fast

Your roof is leaking, but don’t panic. The first step is to contact an emergency roofer to get a tarp over the leak and temporarily shield your roof from more water intrusion.

But why can’t you grab a tarp at the hardware store and tackle this yourself?

  1. Roof climbing isn’t for the faint of heart – Without safety harnesses and proper training, you could get hurt climbing on your roof—or subject your roof to more damage. Falls are even more likely in inclement weather.
  2. You need a quality installation – Even though a tarp is a temporary fix, it still needs to be properly affixed to stave off leaking for the time being. McMillin’s roof experts will ensure your tarp is securely attached to your roof structure.

Partner with Dependable Roofing

Need a roof tarp fast? Call Dependable Roofing. The McMillin emergency tarping experts are available now. Western Washingtonians have trusted our team with even their toughest roofing challenges for over thirty years. And, since we call Puget Sound our home, we know what it takes to keep the wet weather out and prepare your roof for future repairs.

Need an emergency tarp? Contact the Dependable Roofing team now.

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