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Mossy clay roof tiles

After the first swipe of your windshield wipers on your way out of your driveway, you notice it—tinges of green on your once-clean roof. Moss has already begun to colonize your roof, and you likely aren’t the only one on your street facing the PNW’s most prolific plant.

McMillin moss removal is a must. In Western Washington’s wet weather, moss can quickly overtake your entire roof structure. But where can you turn when you’re looking for a McMillin moss removal company with a trusted reputation?

Turn to Dependable Roofing: Puget Sound’s roofer of choice for thirty years and counting.

Moss Removal: A Must for Puget Sound Homeowners

So, you’ve noticed some moss stealthily creeping across your roof like a ninja. What are you up against?

  • Roof damage – Moss can permeate even the smallest spaces; left unchecked, moss can grow into your roof structure and jeopardize once-watertight seals and surfaces.
  • Clogged gutters – Moss can clog your gutters, too—and clogged gutters can lead to debris buildup that leaves your roof vulnerable to wear and tear.
  • Early replacement – Between moss growth, suboptimal gutter function, and the ramifications of both, moss can shorten your roof’s lifespan and force you to replace your roof earlier than expected.

Luckily, there’s a solution: moss removal services.

Dependable Roofing: The McMillin Moss Removal Company You Can Depend On

When you need McMillin moss removal, there’s only one vendor you need to call: Dependable Roofing. Why choose us?

  • We offer free estimates for all – We’ll identify your needs, describe your service options, and help you make a long-term maintenance plan—all free of charge.
  • We’re seasoned pros – Dependable Roofing has worked in McMillin and the surrounding areas for over thirty years. Our reputation precedes us; just read a few of our customer reviews to get an idea of our standing in the community.
  • We’re Puget Sound homeowners, too. We know exactly what you’re facing as a Washingtonian, and we’re no strangers to McMillin’s wet weather and cloudy days. Our roots in the PNW run deep, and we’re doing our best to protect our homes in this unique climate.

When you need quality service and unmatched customer service, turn to Dependable Roofing. Get a free estimate now.

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