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There’s rain in the forecast—but that’s no surprise to you. Puget Sound’s ever-wet weather creates postcard-worthy landscapes, but it can be hard on our roofs. Between moss growth and gutter cleaning, there’s always something to worry about when it comes to roofing.

But what if you could ease your worries about your roof and extend its life? Enter treatment products—a must-have for McMillin roofing maintenance. Treatments can make or break your roof maintenance task load between moss prevention and sealing.

Who can you turn to for trusted McMilin roof treatments? Dependable Roofing are the most trusted roofing pros in the PNW. As lifelong Puget Sound homeowners ourselves, we know just how tremendously roof treatments can improve your quality of life.

Treatments: A Must for McMillin Roofing

What kinds of roof treatments should you consider if you live in McMillin? There are many options on the market today, but you might benefit from:

  • Moss prevention treatment – Our misty, wet climate is the perfect environment for moss growth. And, left to its own devices, moss can decimate your roof, jeopardizing your watertight seals and creating leaks. Moss prevention treatment products can lighten your cleaning load and help you protect your roof from the PNW’s most prolific plant.
  • Water sealing treatment – Our roofs are intended to be 100% watertight—but over time, our roofing components can succumb to the elements and fail. To prevent this, consider applying a water-sealing treatment product to your roof. This will help keep your roof dry and leak-free, even if your components are starting to show their wear.
  • Rust prevention treatment – If you have a metal roof or your roof has some exposed flashing, rust prevention is paramount—rust leads to holes, and holes lead to leaks. A rust prevention treatment can help you combat degradation in our moist climate and protect your roof’s longevity.

Dependable Roofing: The Roof Expert You Can Trust

When you need McMillin roof treatments, turn to the best local roofer in the business: Dependable Roofing. For the last thirty-plus years, we’ve been lending our hard-earned expertise to homeowners throughout Puget Sound.

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