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How to Start an Orting Skylight Repair or Installation Project

To get the ball rolling on your Orting skylight installation or repair, start with a free estimate from Dependable Roofing.

After taking a look at your roof, one of our pros will create an estimate that covers:

  • Pricing proposals for materials and labor
  • Materials options and their prices
  • Warranty and guarantee information
  • Product details
  • A potential project timeline

Even if you don’t choose to partner with Dependable Roofing, your estimate will still be free. We want homeowners to make the most informed decisions about their homes, and offering free estimates is just one way we prioritize local customer education.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skylights

Do skylights leak?

If you’re on the hunt for Orting skylight repair services, you’re likely facing an issue with your skylight—like a leak.

Unfortunately, skylights can leak if:

  • They’re not properly maintained and cleaned
  • Their sealants degrade
  • Moss or mildew growth penetrates the sealant products
  • Falling debris cracks the skylight.

Luckily, many skylight leaks can be repaired without a complete replacement, but this isn’t always true. Talk to a roofing professional about your options.

Can you install a skylight yourself?

DIY-ing a skylight isn’t recommended. Why?

  • Creating a new skylight in an existing roof requires careful placement to maintain roof integrity.
  • To install a skylight, roofers need to remove or cut through multiple layers of roofing materials.
  • Skylight installation is most effective with professional-grade sealants and products unavailable on the consumer market.
  • Climbing on a roof can be dangerous without proper training.

The same goes for skylight repair. Your best bet is to call a roofing specialist, so contact our team today.

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