You should get at least two bids at a minimum. Three is good. Four is a little much, and five is too many. Realistically, once you know what your project is, there are only a handful of businesses that are local, have a good reputation, and can meet your needs. If you’re going to four bids, you’re probably looking harder than you need to. If you are digging for five, you’re almost certainly spending more time and effort than you need to be to get quality work at a reasonable price.

Definitely! Dependable Roofing works year-round to help with all of your roofing needs in Puyallup, Tacoma, and the surrounding areas in WA.

Dependable Roofing is licensed, bonded, and insured. When you call or email us, we will send out a representative to speak with you about your roofing project, inspect what’s going on, take pictures, and provide you with a free estimate. You’re welcome to sign up during that visit or compare bids. We will follow up with you, and if you choose Dependable Roofing, we’ll send you a digital form through our roofing CRM software.

If it is a repair, we can usually begin within a week. If it is a roof replacement, on average, it takes about two weeks to begin your project

It depends on the size of the roof, the pitch, and the complexity of the project. Typically it would take two to three days, but if it is a more difficult project or a larger home, it may take a week or more to complete your roof.

We never subcontract, and all of our employees are certified as well.

Washington and the Pacific Northwest get a lot of shade, precipitation, and moisture, which is an ideal climate for moss to flourish on roofs. Moss requires running water to survive and grow, which is why moss thrives on roofs of all types. You should also avoid pressure washing to remove the moss, as it will reduce the lifespan of your roof. Instead, contact us to remove the moss by hand and treat the surface with a moss-preventative solution.