Roof Repair: Flashing Services in Puget Sound

Starting a Roof Repair Flashing Project in Puget Sound, WA

If you need a roof and flashing repair, get started by requesting a free estimate from our expert team. One of our roofing pros will come to your home to inspect the roof and provide:

  • Cost estimates for repairs
  • Samples of potential materials
  • Information about products and installation
  • Details of any available warranties or guarantees

The best part—our estimates are free of charge.

Contact Dependable Roofing today for a Puget Sound, WA roof repair flashing services estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Flashing Repair

How much does it cost to replace flashing around a roof?

Costs for flashing replacements will vary based on:

  • Roof size and pitch (angle)
  • Roof type and materials
  • Extent of existing damage

Dependable Roofing is here to help customers find the most cost-effective solutions for their roofing issues. Everyone deserves to have a functional roof and a leak-free home: we’re proud to help you save.

How often should you replace roof flashing?

Well-maintained roof flashing can last throughout a roof’s entire lifespan. But, weather and debris damage can necessitate replacement in some cases.

Simply put, you should replace your flashing any time you notice failure points, damage, or leaks.

Does a roof warranty cover flashing?

If you’re experiencing flashing issues after a roof replacement, ask your service provider about warranty options. Flashing may be covered by:

  • The roofer’s workmanship policy (if faulty installation is to blame for failures), or
  • The flashing manufacturer’s warranty

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