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Starting a Moss Removal Project

When you request a free estimate from us, we’ll send a professional roofing expert right to your doorstep. They will provide key details ahead of your project, like:

  • A cost estimate for the work
  • Sample boards for proposed materials
  • Information about products and installation methods
  • Warranty and guarantee information

The best part is that our estimates are free of charge. Why do we offer free estimates? We want customers in the local market to have the quality information they need to make sound decisions about their roofs.

Contact Dependable Roofing today for a moss removal services estimate in Puyallup.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moss Removal

How much does it cost to treat moss on a roof?

The cost of moss removal and treatment will depend on a few factors, like:

  • The size and pitch (angle) of your roof
  • Your roof materials
  • Treatment products used to prevent future growth (if applicable)

Dependable Roofing can help customers find the most cost-effective solutions to extend the lives of their roofs without breaking the bank.

Does insurance cover moss damage on roofs?

There are two important things to note about insurance and roof moss:

  • Your policy may not cover damage – Every homeowner’s insurance policy is different — ask your insurer whether or not moss damage is included in your policy, and consider adding it if it’s available.
  • Your insurer may balk at a mossy roof – If your insurer notices moss growth on your roof during an inspection, they may cancel your policy or refuse to renew an existing one until the moss is removed and any structural damage is repaired.

What happens if you leave moss on your roof?

If moss is left untreated, it can cause:

  • Moisture pooling – Since moss is very wet, it can increase the concentration of water on your roof surface. 
  • Superficial damage – Moss growth can degrade the materials and products used on your roof’s surface.
  • Structural damage – Once superficial coatings have decayed, water and debris can penetrate your roof’s surface and damage interior and structural components.

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